Sarah Williams | Head of Lulu Lemon Ecommerce


Last year I was commissioned by Queen’s University for a portrait series of recent Business School graduates for their marketing materials. This environmental portrait of Sarah Williams at the 4th Ave Lulu Lemon location is now making the rounds in various print publications.

Sarah was a great subject with an inspiring story of personal victory. At first she was a little camera shy because she used to be morbidly over-weight but through a radical lifestyle shift she has since shed the weight and looks great. I’m pretty sure the Lulu Lemon health-conscious corporate culture helped her along the way. In turn, she is in the process of overhauling Lulu’s Ecommerce division and the way their products areĀ perceivedĀ in North America. Here on the west coast Lulu Lemon is regarded mainly as yoga gear, while in the US it is considered active wear. I wish her the greatest success introducing the infamous Lulu bum everywhere.

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