A Portrait of Reece Terris

Artist Reece Terris sits in his Vancouver studio during an interview

We recently created this portrait of Reece Terris for a special edition of Creative Mornings for Vancouver Design Week, where he will be giving a talk on how his education and creative process informs the final outcome of a project. You can watch the video we created below.

Reece was kind enough to invite us into his new studio space, which he was still setting up after just getting back from installing a piece of his work in Austria. When creating information driven pieces like this, I really enjoy injecting as much of the personality of my subject as possible. Shooting in personal spaces usually makes people feel more comfortable and so much more of their personality is there to capture in the details. For these reasons, I think this portrait of Reece Terris and teaser video really captures his laid-back, humorous & thoughtful nature. It gives the audience a good sense of what they are in for this Friday.

Of course, working with artists and getting to interview them about their process is a unique pleasure. It is one of my favourite parts of the work I do.

This teaser video was created to cross-promote the talk across the Vancouver Design Week and Creative Mornings channels, ensuring the largest sold-out audience yet for CreativeMornings/Vancouver.

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