Real Madrid Event Photography

Real Madrid Foundation representatives pose with young soccer players

PR Event Photography for Real Madrid

Working with Jive PR + Digital, we provided event photography of the Real Madrid Foundation press conference. They announced soccer clinics coming to BC this summer. Players six to 16 will receive 90 minutes of coaching per day for five days this July in Burnaby, Surrey and North Vancouver. The foundation hopes to hold clinics across Canada next year.

Coaching individual and social development

Kids need guidance and sports provide an excellent venue for them to learn the values of sportsmanship and fair play. The Real Madrid Foundation uses sports culture as a way of teaching the importance of teamwork in this coaching program.

Part of the proceeds of the clinics will go to support different social charity activities. the Real Madrid Foundation in North America operates these charities.

They expect up to 600 kids to participate! Interestingly, they aren’t holding these clinics in Vancouver but rather in surrounding municipalities. This is because the interest is higher in the suburbs and there are more fields available.

It is exciting to think about the talent that they will nurture and develop to their potential from these events. Former reserve team coaches will use the same training methodology as those of the Real Madrid reserve team. The experience for these kids will feel like the real deal.


First, to provide advanced technical and tactical individual coaching. Also, To develop the tactical coaching of the team. Then they move on to problem solving on the field. Finally each kid gets an individualised assessment.

Real Madrid Foundation representative talks to CBC journalist at PR event in Vanouver
Real Madrid Foundation rep talks to the media at the Shangri La, Vancouver
Real Madrid Foundation members hold up soccer jersey at PR event
Real Madrid Foundation rep announces soccer clinics coming to Surrey

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