Portrait of Jeffrey Armstrong

Portrait of Jeffrey Armstrong in a Vancouver yoga studio

Referred to as the Western Master of Eastern Philosophy, this portrait of Jeffrey Armstrong aims to take his spirituality into the corporate world. As a corporate speaker, Jeffrey has a message for companies interested in building a culture with a social and environmental conscience.

We created this portrait of Jeffrey Armstrong as he was about to fly to India to speak as a guru to an audience of 35,000. The business development potential stakes were high and on a tight deadline.

Part of our intake process indicated that for his corporate pitch we needed to carefully separate Jeffrey’s corporate and spiritual teachings. Although intimately connected, the tools and concepts he offers to a corporate audience are secular in nature and presented in everyday language. In this portrait of Jeffrey we wanted to communicate his wisdom, approachability and professionalism to HR departments.

For example, we did not coincidentally choose a yoga studio for this photo shoot. We wanted the warmth and organic feel of wooden floors and brick walls to fill the background. Then we decided to forgo Jeffrey’s usually casual wardrobe with beads. Fortunately he had a nice, grey suit for just occasions. He also insisted on a pink, button-down shirt to soften the look.

It was a pleasure to work with such an insightful and grounded client.

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