Oscars Red Carpet Photos

Event Photography | East Vancouver

Cinephiles dress up and line up for their Oscars red carpet photos at The Rio. First come, first served at this live, free event that always caps out. If you don’t come early, you don’t get a seat!

The show isn’t just on the screen. Everyone is encouraged to dress up. This is part of the community vibe in East Vancouver. We don’t show up just expecting to be entertained. We are a part of the entertainment. Also, an MC runs trivia games during the breaks and gives the audience opportunities to show off their outfits on stage.

Prizes and buttery popcorn await eager movie lovers while watching the Oscars on the silver screen.

The Rio is a unique venue for this. As a multipurpose venue, The Rio can hold events like this and serve alcohol, like at a concert or a bar. 

These Oscars red carpet photos are so much fun. Everyone is ready to ham it up or play it seriously when they have the little, golden statue in their hands.

Red Carpet Event Photography | Vancouver, BC

Don’t we all wish that the Oscars got this competitive? How do a pair of directors or an ensemble share a single trophy? Do they alternate days or weeks?

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Oscars Red Carpet Event photo | Rio Theatre
Oscars Party Event Photography | Vancouver

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