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Going on vacation isn’t about taking a break from my camera. That would be like taking a break from my eyes, my perspective. If anything, travel and new experiences inform my style and clarify what interests me. Clearly it is people. This time it is the people of Oaxaca, Mexico featured in my enduring love of travel photography.

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs,” says Susan Sontag. I couldn’t agree more.

Oaxaca City, Mercado Juarez

Oaxaca City, Mexico

First, I love eating in local markets! The sights and smells make me so hungry, it is difficult to decide what to eat first. Photographing the food and the way each stall prepares it captures an essential part of the local culture. Here in Mercado 20 de Noviembre, a cook barbeques some pork for us – our first meal.

One thing to note about these open markets is how fresh everything is because the turnover is high. You can see in the background that the meat is unrefrigerated and on open display. This might seem unsafe to germaphobes but these vendors rely on a reputation of good, fresh food served up daily. I highly recommend the experience of sitting with locals and eating with them.

Oaxaca City, Santo Domingo del Guzman | travel photography

Oaxaca City night life

The streets come alive at night with parties and street vendors. As part of my travel photography in Oaxaca, Mexico, it can be challenging to capture candid moments in low light. Yet it is always worth it to bring my camera out at night.

Oaxaca City, night life
Oaxaca City, wedding band
Oaxaca City, night vendors

Tlacolula MarketOaxacaMexico

A short drive from Oaxaca City you will find the visual bonanza of Tlacolula Market, the largest and oldest open-air market in Mesoamerica. People from rural communities come to this traditional weekly market to buy, sell and socialize. It is one of the most authentic experiences I have had.

Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula market
Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula market butcher
Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula cab
Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula | Street Photography
Oaxaca, Mexico, weaver
Zipolite, Mexico, La Loma Linda | travel photography
San Jose del Pacifico, Mexico | travel photography
Oaxaca City, food vendor | travel photography
Oaxaca City, Mercado Juarez | travel photography

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