Living Portraits feature volunteers at Creative Mornings Vancouver

Creative Mornings Vancouver Coordinator, Mark Busse, opens the event

Living Portraits Feature The Team

Looking for a creative alternative to the standard pic and bio? I came up with this series of living portraits to feature some of our stellar team at CreativeMornings/Vancouver.

At first, I conceptualized this for Instagram. The fifteen second time limit made for a great creative restriction. It reduced the audio of each portrait to communicate a single idea. The outcome was a multi-platform content roll-out, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. Each video gives our audience a more intimate sense of the people who make this unique, monthly speaker series happen.

This is raw and powerful branding – trusting your frontline people to speak openly and become a human face for the organization. How are you featuring the people in your organization? Give us a call to discuss what video options may serve as a better alternative to the same old headshot and bio formula.

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