Jessica Hische at Creative Mornings

Jessica Hische at Creative Mornings Vancouver

Today’s instalment of Creative Mornings was another block buster, filling again to capacity with Jessica Hische at the podium. Her infectious enthusiasm and smile made her potty mouth endearing as she talked about the value of font foundries, geeking out on your own passions and the intersection of arts and technology. She was joined on stage by the charming and hung-over¬†Jon Tan,

The take-away moment for me was during the Q&A session, when everyone was riled about learning something new and denouncing fear of failure. A marketer raised his hand and asked if he should start getting into design to execute his own brochures and/or websites. There was this collective choking moment as everyone swallowed their first impulse to shout NO! But Jessica was on the ball and, with a wagging finger, advised, “Only if you’re willing to commit yourself and give it 100%.”

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