Family Portrait in East Van

Family portrait in East Van
An inquisitive baby peeks out from her mother's sling

Best time for a family portrait

In the Vancouver summer months, the best time for a family portrait is in the early evening. The long rays of light provide a beautiful warmth. Also, I love to play with the backlighting, capturing an ethereal halo around a happy family.

But that is just speaking as a photographer. When a baby is involved, like sweet, little Matilda here, her mood and sleep schedule sets the pace. Parents know their baby’s sleep schedule best and can work with me to catch that magical combination of the right time with the best light and a happy baby.

Candid portrait of a mother and child against the setting sun
A happy, young family in the evening light

Best place for a portrait in East Van

When photographing people, I like to provide a sense of place in the photo. Sometimes the best photos have messy backgrounds. These environmental portraits communicate so much more about the time and place of a subject; in this case, a family. In the background of this portrait session you can see the building in which this young family lives. For their future memories, this will hold so much more meaning than a clean background.

Have you ever seen a Fred Herzog photo? The sense of place is fascinating because of the details added by the environment. It is almost like journalistic photography. It is called “reportage”.

Closeup of mother's hand and baby's foot
Candid portrait of mother and baby