Event Photography | Another successful year with Flight Centre

Flight Centre employees celebrate their awards on stage

Each year Flight Centre invites us back to cover their gala, it is a privilege and pleasure to provide event photography. The work hard/ play hard ethic of this company really comes together at this event as their top performers are recognized, rewarded & cheered on stage. This is easily the biggest party of the year for everyone, including me, and I really admire Flight Centre for the lengths they go to for their people.

This event reminds me each year to show my gratitude for the amazing professionals who have been part of my own projects. Work hard, play hard and remember to say thank you.

Here is a selection of images from this amazing event.

Team photo of Flight Centre employees at the media wall
Flighties pose for photo in front of media wall

The Media Wall

The first part of our event photography coverage of the Flight Centre gala is the media wall. The lineup for this starts early and gets pretty long. Everyone wants a team shot! This part of the event challenges my ability to herd cats. I have very little time to organize and get some personality for the shot. The next team is always waiting at the side lines, eager to get a photo, yet distracted by the chaos. Sometimes they have an idea of what they want to do but mostly it is up to me to give direction. Before the last team has collected their drinks and purses, the next group is on top of me!

Flight Centre team having fun at media wall
Flight Centre Gala girls posing together
Flight Centre president, Greg Dixon, addresses crowd
Flight Centre awards recipients on stage
Flight Centre team shot on gala stage

Flight Centre achievement awards

Getting up on stage and having co-workers cheering wildly is a big part of the celebrations. The highest achievers have their moment of fame, awarded all kinds of vacation packages. The awards are handed out fast and furious because there are so many! I’m lucky to get a few frames of each. Then they are on to the next!

Flight Centre team accepting award
Confetti falls on the Flight Centre Gala stage
Flight Centre Gala
Well dressed Flight Centre Gala attendees in Vancouver
Flight Centre Gala dance floor

The Dance Floor

The final stage is the dance floor. This is where the real party begins. I can’t stress enough how committed these folks are to their work hard, play hard ethos.

Girls having fun at Flight Centre Gala
Flight Centre boys hamming it up on the dance floor
Flight Centre Gala attendees at the bar
Carre Le Page, Flight Centre VP of marketing having fun on the dance floor
Flight Centre Gala celebrations
Flight Centre team photo on the dance floor
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