Egg-Snogger 2013

Egg-Snogger Christmas party baby portrait

Inviting friends, family, colleagues and clients in celebration of another fantastic year, we threw another Egg-Snogger event this year!

With boozy eggnog and tasty snacks we provided a Santa Hat portrait photo booth for the naughty and nice alike. A tickle trunk full of antlers, hats & other holiday bits and bobs was provided for all to play with.

Here are just a few highlights from the evening.

Friends in Christmas hat and antlers
Flirtatious couple posing for Christmas portrait
A couple pose for a Christmas party photo
Friends laughing in Santa hats at Egg-Snogger Christmas party
A man in Christmas reindeer antlers gets punched on both sides of his head in funny portrait
Woman in Santa hat passes out cookies at Christmas party
Funny couple pose for Egg-Snogger Christmas portrait
Friends laughing at Egg-Snogger Christmas party photo booth
Christmas photobooth portrait of young couple
Young man in reindeer antlers smiling at Christmas party
Johnathon Strebly plays the grinch for an Egg-Snogger Christmas party photo
Friends in Santa hat and reindeer antlers
The LeClair sisters in reindeer antlers at Egg-Snogger Christmas party
Stephen Irving in Santa hat and mitten at the Egg-Snogger Christmas party
Marina LeClair and Trevor Jansen in reindeer antlers and Santa hat for the Egg-Snogger Christmas party
Aaron Aubrey poses with all the props at the Egg-Snogger Christmas party
Rhoderick Lising chews on a Santa hat at the Egg-Snogger Christmas party

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