Creative Mornings with Barrie Mowatt

Goldthorpe Centre for the Arts | Event Photography

This month’s Creative Mornings, with speaker Barrie Mowatt, piqued my interest. The Vancouver Biennale brings public art to the city for many of the same reasons Creative Mornings meets every month. It is an opportunity to engage with the community and to learn. Also much like Creative Mornings Vancouver, their mission is to make Public Art accessible, engaging, and motivating to create vibrant and inspired communities.

Simon Fraser University | Creative Mornings Vancouver

What happened at Creative Mornings with Barrie Mowatt?

First, everyone filled out a name tag with their answer to an icebreaker question. The first part is easy. I always feel a bit of pressure to be extra clever with the icebreaker. But no matter how clever, or not, it seems to do the job. I always manage to meet someone interesting. One of the rules of meeting someone interesting is that it has to be someone new. That is just one of the fun parts of the exercise.

After filling out the tag, everyone made their way into a foyer with coffee and breakfast sandwiches. What is better than an inspirational talk with free breakfast? Sometimes it made conversation a bit awkward so you have to prioritize.

Then everyone ushered themselves into the Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre to grab a seat and get inspired. The talk itself was great but what happened next is really the valuable part for me.

At the end of each talk, everyone self-organized into small groups for a quick discussion of the talk. Turning our chairs around to talk to strangers was chaotic and fun. We all heard the same talk and had something to say. It was nice that the audience didnt just evaporate at the end of the session with no interaction.

Enjoy these highlights of my event photography!

Creative Mornings Volunteer
Creative Mornings Vancouver | Photography
Goldthorpe Centre for the Arts | Event Photography
SFU | event photography
Barrie Mowatt | Creative Mornings Vancouver photography
SFU | Vancouver event photo

When is the next Creative Mornings Vancouver?

You can register for the next talk at Creative Mornings Vancouver on their website. It’s free!

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