Big in Taiwan… stolen image makes body lotion the greatest thing since chop sticks!

stolen fashion portrait in Taiwanese ad

Some clients don’t understand the value of their exclusive marketing materials and others don’t care. Here is a great example of an image I shot for Devil May Wear which was unwisely posted to the web at full resolution. As a result, it has been appropriated by this Taiwanese body lotion company. I don’t have the energy to pursue this theft. If anything I need to take it in stride and be flattered that my work now joins the ranks of so many other great photographers, whose work is plastered across chinese knock-offs.

Even if I did figure out the rest of the 800 number and got someone who would speak to me, I image their reaction would be something like, “Oh yeah, we got a check for you right here. Why don’t you come get it,” followed by some muffled snickering.

Here is the original, featuring the beautiful and prolific designer, Stephanie Ostler, in her own ruffle-bum panties.

Stephanie Ostler, owner of Devil May Wear in her own ruffle bum panties


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