Behind the scenes fashion shoot

A fashion designer watches her photographer work

Sometimes I work behind the scenes, like producing a fashion shoot and assisting with lighting. Even when I am not the main photographer, I can’t help pick up a camera and shoot some behind the scenes images. Picking up extra content always benefits the client. 

BB Revised moved recently from a WordPress blog to a full e-commerce site. All summer I watched it evolve into its current form and am impressed with how Tamara LeClair brought her vision to life. She started with picking vintage clothing as a hobby. Then she started reworking old pieces into unique combinations. Soon afterwards she was selling them by request to folks in her circles. Now she has an entire collection to post on her newly minted website.

Here are some behind-the-scenes fashion shoot images from her last collection.

A fashion model poses
A model laughing behind the scenes at a photo shoot
a fashion designer styles her model on set
Photographer Linda LeClair at a fashion shoot.

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