Oaxaca, Mexico | Travel Photography

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs,” says Susan Sontag. I couldn’t agree more.

Going on vacation isn’t about taking a break from my camera. That would be like taking a break from my eyes, my perspective. If anything, travel and new experiences inform my style and clarify what interests me. Clearly it is people.

Oaxaca City, Mercado Juarez

Oaxaca City, Santo Domingo del Guzman | travel photography

Oaxaca City, night life

Oaxaca City, wedding band

Oaxaca City, night vendors

Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula market

Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula market butcher

Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula cab

Oaxaca, Mexico, Tlacolula | Street Photography

Oaxaca, Mexico, weaver

Zipolite, Mexico, La Loma Linda | travel photography

San Jose del Pacifico, Mexico | travel photography


Oaxaca City, food vendor | travel photography

Oaxaca City, Mercado Juarez | travel photography