Featuring the Team with Moving Portraits

Featuring The Team with Moving Portraits

Show who you are.

Trust and a sense of connection are huge factors in business. The sooner that connection is made, the faster your potential clients move themselves through the sales process.

Pete Dupuis Interview

People respond intuitively to faces so rapidly that our notions about attraction and trust are among the fastest we form. What better way to stand out quickly than with a moving portrait on your biography web page?

The moving portrait is a multi-platform content piece that can live on landing pages and roll out on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, giving you a wide spectrum for audiences to gain a quick and more intimate sense of the people featured.

This is raw and powerful branding – trusting your frontline people to speak openly and become a human face for your organization. How are you featuring the people in your organization?

Give us a call to discuss how moving portraits can augment your biography and help you connect with your prospects.

Here are just a few examples from the fields of Finance, Law, Marketing and Design:

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