Egg-Snogger 2013
Inviting friends, family, colleagues and clients in celebration of another fantastic year, we threw another Egg-Snogger event this year! With boozy eggnog and tasty snacks we provided a Santa Hat portrait photo booth for the naughty and nice alike. A tickle trunk full of antlers, hats & other holiday bits and bobs was provided for all...
Reza Saffari | General Manager for Enerex Botanicals
Reza is the man at the helm of Enerex Botanicals, a quality and community oriented nutritional supplements company based here in BC. This year Reza has placed new emphasis on community engagement and the promotion of a full and healthy lifestyle – sponsoring sporting events and farmer’s markets as well as providing nutrition tips and...
Mark Brand behind Save On Meats
  Walking through the back of Save On Meats and hanging out in the alley with one of his chefs, it struck me how Mark Brand has a genuine rapport with, and knows the names of, his people. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who owns as many businesses as he does. And when he isn’t...
Gilbert Ghezesan | President of Somatic HVAC Solutions
  Last week saw the brand launch event for Somatic HVAC Solutions! I don’t want to spill the beans before the case-study video but here is the company President, Gilbert Ghezesan.
Portrait of Natacha Beim for Creative Mornings
I’ve never seen a renowned education expert do a little dance and shout ‘whoo!’ on stage, imitating a wild child, but Natacha Biem‘s experience with kids as an early development educator totally sold it. Her talk last week at Creative Mornings wasn’t just funny but pointed with optimism towards a better way to motivate and educate our children to...
Dynamix Agitators
In creating compelling images for engineers on-site, the balance between aesthetics, capturing scope and straight up documentation can be fun and challenging. Here is the final stage of assembly for three giant mixers that will agitate anything from asphalt to cosmetics in three-story tall containers.
Miles End Motors Party
There is something about a media wall at a party that makes everyone a rock star. Here a fun moment with Miles End Motors Director, David Bentil, with one of his hard working associates. Below is just one of the hot wheels on display just outside the event.
Sterling Cooper and Associates, Vancouver
There is always a certain satisfaction when I get to see how my work fits into the completed whole of a project. The Sterling Cooper website has gone live and I am really pleased with their final image choices. The challenge was to capture the human element of an industry that is typically represented by...
photo student photographing model
Lately I’ve been doing a lot of mentoring, which has forced me to examine and step outside of my process. If you think you know something, try explaining it to someone else. They will question it or take it and do something completely unexpected. It’s good to have answers but not necessarily all of them...
David Paetkau | Flashpoint Finale
After five seasons of procedural drama and SWAT team action, the series finale of Flashpoint aired last week. I was fortunate to meet and photograph actor David Paetkau before he took off to Toronto to start filming the series.
George Steeves, president of Sterling Cooper, Vancouver
This is my favorite portrait from a day of shooting with the architectural engineers at Sterling Cooper. George is an accomplished visionary in his field and a great character. I like to think of this portrait as his ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ moment.
Fitness Trainer Tracey Boss, portrait
Tracey’s weapon of choice is the kettle bell. Although she posed and swung that thing around a lot throughout the session, I like this shot of her at ease.
Chelsea Edwardson, singer/songwriter
  It was a cold, wet day for shooting but Chelsea was a real trooper as we tramped around this Richmond farm, creating cover art for her upcoming album. Kudos to her and Linda leClair for a great session.
Illustrator Sunny Shah at Living Blueprint talk on Irresistible Branding by David Childs
Sunny Shah is a talented art student at Emily Carr, who was the first in a series of illustrators to breath life into the concept of The LeotArtist. Zipped into a full-body morphsuit, Sunny created the visual element during a talk on Irresistible Branding by David Childs. This live art aspect took the audience well...
Vikram Vij, Top Chef and champion of Indian Cuisine
Actually, I could only fit a few of Vikram’s accolades in the title. The list is long. After hearing him speak last week at Creative Mornings, I understand why. Now I feel like I’ve been depriving myself of Vancouver’s culinary treasures. Time to go pop my cherry, either in restaurant or at the new food...
Vancouver Headshot, outdoor portrait
My old friend Kameyo came by to update her headshot as the sun was going down so we ran up to the roof for this lovely, soft portrait. I really like how the city and the North Shore mountains as a backdrop feature this beautiful B.C. gal in her natural environment.
Boudoir photography
Having a great location is key to evocative boudoir images. This session was shot at the 2400 Kingsway Motel, where many movie and TV productions rent out their bungalows for classic sets. To accentuate the historic and gritty feel for the environment in these images I went with a cross-processed treatment, a dated technique itself.  
portrait of old men
This is Pete and Bob, neighbours in Rock Inlet – a half hour flight out of Port Hardy into the middle of nowhere. Pete lives on a flotilla of barges, cobbled together by planks and rope, complete with a foundry, workshop, greenhouse, two-story home, recreation barge & gift shop. If he needs anything, he literally can just make it....
French Bulldog portrait
Sometimes clients have the cutest pets hanging around their work environments. This little fellow greets me with an excited howl every time I show up and then watches with sleepy eyes as I move around the studio.
Omer Arbel at Creative Mornings Vancouver
Born in Jerusalem, Omer Arbel is a Vancouver-based designer. He is the founder of OAO, an award winning design practice, and Creative Director of Bocci, an innovative manufacturer of industrial design objects, furniture, lighting, and building technologies. His diverse works include everything from the designs for the 2010 Winter Olympics medals to award-winning interiors for luxurious...
portrait of burlesque performer Sweet Pea Maggie
The phenomenon of #FlashbackFriday on Instagram has me looking at some of my older work and thinking about all the personal projects I used to do. It’s been a while and I realize that I miss the freedom of personal work. There is no client to please, no pressure and no deadline. I need to...
Drishti Point producer and yogi Farah Nazarali
Farah Nazarali is the producer of Drishti Point, a radio program and podcast about yoga, spirituality and wellness. This still comes from our shoot of the soon-to-be-released video promo for Drishti Point’s exciting, soon-to-be-launched website. I look forward to posting the video to promote the website launch!
West Coast Fitness trainer Timothy Simpson
You would be impressed by the number of plyometric push-ups Tim did for this shot and he still makes it look effortless. Tim is an awesome bootcamp trainer – always positive, always pushing and leading by example. I look forward to working with him in the gym and on the next set of trainer portraits...
humorous portrait of actor Paul Anthony of Talent Time
This is Paul Anthony, actor and funny man from the East Van standard Talent Time. We were working on actor headshots but then he busted out this Kuala sweater and glasses! Whether this ends up being used as a promo shot or a fun out-take, it’s one of my favourites from a memorable session. Looking at...
Melissa Breker | Content Specialist at Fresh Spark Strategies
Melissa and I met at a photo shoot for MishaEssentials. This outtake is from a break we had in shooting and I corralled some of the team into some fun grab shots. I remember she was little camera shy but doesn’t she look just great? Melissa creates online experiences with Fresh Spark Strategies. Her studio...
Hilary Henegar and fellow in video on banking values at Vancity credit union
Here’s a sneak peek at a project I am working on with Hilary Henegar on banking values and credit unions. As much as that sounds like a snore, it is anything but. Through this project I have met some really motivated and innovative people working on amazing projects guided by their ideals and principles. This...
Baru Latino | Award winning Latin cuisine restaurant in Kitsilano/Point Grey, Vancouver
  Shot for an editorial in the WestEnder. Check out the mouth-watering menu at Baru Latino.
fashion photo of model in fur coat
Some fog rolled in during a studio shoot so we ran outside to grab a few moody shots.
Baby Portrait
Little Hannah has the most beautiful and curious eyes.
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