Room to Read Gala | Event Photography

Supporting A Girl’s Right To Education

The Room to Read inaugural gala raised $1 million in just one evening! The organization focuses on girls education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.

Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, they develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Room to Read | Event Photography

Room to Read | Vancouver Photography

Room to Read | People Photography

Room to Read | People Photography

Room to Read | Terminal City Club Photography

Room to Read | Event Photography

Room to Read | Fundraiser Photography

Room to Read | CEO Photography

Room to Read | Gala Event Photography

Room to Read | Gala Photos

Real Madrid Press Conference | PR Photography

PR Event Photography for Real Madrid

Working with Jive PR + Digital, we provided coverage of the Real Madrid Foundation press conference announcing the soccer clinics coming to BC this summer. Players six to 16 will receive 90 minutes of coaching per day for five days this July in Burnaby, Surrey and North Vancouver. The foundation hopes to hold clinics across Canada next year.

blue moon theatre | event photography

Real Madrid | PR event Vanouver

Shangri La Vancouver | event photography

Real Madrid | PR event photography

Shangri-la event photography

Enter New Markets With Video

Introducing Eco-Friendly Products Into North America

Senotro is pioneering an alternative fire suppression solution, making its way from China into Canada and the United States. With only a handful of ‘found footage’ clips from Chinese demonstrations and a modest budget, they asked what could be done to best pitch the product for commercial contracts.

Senotro | Fire Suppression Services

We showed them the current trend in editorial videos that made great use of footage often sourced from smart phones or camcorders – pixelated, shaky and unprofessional. With a branded intro, dominant motion graphics, a solid script and a professional voice over, the footage took a back seat. In fact, in this editorial style it added to the authenticity of the video.

Strategy Is Key

With a little thought and a modest budget, we were able to execute the project and delivered a leverageable tool for their Vice President of Business Development.

How can we help you achieve your business goals?

Event Video for UBC Changemaker Showcase

If it’s not on the internet it didn’t happen. Without evidence, all you have is an anecdote.

Not only is documentation important but creating tools to promote your event in the future is key. By creating videos that capture the experience and communicate the value, organizations arm themselves with materials to ensure their on-going success.

Recently the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning commissioned this summary video as a future call-to-action for students, staff and faculty to become engaged problem-solvers in complex community issues.

How are you working towards engaging your audience, rallying them around your values and showing the experience they can expect?

Video Case-Study | HCMA TILT IDSwest stage 2015

This year HCMA Architecture and Design took on the challenge of creating a stage and gathering space for IDSWest.

“The design uses the form of a circle to gather people together and break the established exhibit booth grid. Hanging fabric panels define the perimeter and recall the draped canopy of a willow tree. The canopy filters light, sound and views to create a sense of space and enclosure. The intimate setting becomes a place of gathering in the midst of the larger convention floor.”

This video was commissioned as a visual case-study of their process. Videos like this are strategic pieces to show the thinking, implemetation and results of their work to potential clients.

How are you demonstrating your process and generating interest in future clients?

Educational Sales Video for Prevue HR


Prevue Assessments Logo

Introductory and educational tools are valuable assets to sales teams, both in outbound and inbound marketing. When Prevue HR approached us to help promote their latest SaaS, we worked to create a video that would speak directly to hiring managers, address the common pain point of expensive, bad hires and offer a preemptive solution.

Prevue HR | Prevue Assessments


The software service offered by Prevue HR is very specific to Human Resource departments, which were using Oracle Taleo to manage their pool of applicants. It was also important to communicate that the software itself is a subscription-based service. It is simply “turned on” within the Oracle Taleo system to provide a seamless integration and experience.

Prevue HR client list


In 95 seconds, we were able to show the software to hiring managers as it appears within their familiar Oracle Taleo dashboard, explain how it works and provide samples of screen reports. A formidable client list and case-study statistics rounded out the evidence for this service as a time and money-saving addition to a company’s hiring process.

Prevue Assessments screen report


This top-of-funnel content functions as an educational tool to broadcast on Youtube and an effective lead-gathering tool on landing pages, more carefully analyzed on the Wistia platform. We look forward to following up on this project as the Prevue HR sales and marketing teams implement this tactical video.

Positional Video for Living Blueprint

Working with Living Blueprint in their pivot from a creative agency to a brand and business consultancy, this video is the first outward facing communication to position the company in its new market.

Shot in several locations with business leaders (QUENTIN SMITH, President, Pacific Coastal Airlines | HENRY WEILER, President, AXYS Technologies | VERN BICCUM, President, Iridia Medical | ALLAN HOLMES, Founder, Iridia Medical) we collaborated with Living Blueprint on the messaging, ran the interviews and scripted for the associates to bring it all together.

As Living Blueprint refines their digital assets, this video will act as a welcome message to new visitors and update past clients on the bold new direction of this company.

Video Marketing Statistics in 60 Sec.

60% of you will watch the above video before reading any of this text.

65% of you who watched made it more than 3/4ths of the way through.

This was just one minute of about 24 that you will probably spend watching online video today.

Don’t you feel about 80% more convinced that video is a powerful marketing medium?

Forward this video and use these statistics to bring your team on board to the value of video!  Get started on your video strategy today by outlining the types of video that will be useful to your business, timelines and goals.

Need help? Well, I’m sure I know someone.

Featuring the Team with Moving Portraits

Featuring The Team with Moving Portraits

Show who you are.

Trust and a sense of connection are huge factors in business. The sooner that connection is made, the faster your potential clients move themselves through the sales process.

Pete Dupuis InterviewPeople respond intuitively to faces so rapidly that our notions about attraction and trust are among the fastest we form. What better way to stand out quickly than with a moving portrait on your biography web page?

The moving portrait is a multi-platform content piece that can live on landing pages and roll out on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, giving you a wide spectrum for audiences to gain a quick and more intimate sense of the people featured.

This is raw and powerful branding – trusting your frontline people to speak openly and become a human face for your organization. How are you featuring the people in your organization?

Give us a call to discuss how moving portraits can augment your biography and help you connect with your prospects.

Here are just a few examples from the fields of Finance, Law, Marketing and Design:

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Portraits and Headshots: Greg Freeman, Board Treasurer for Modo the Car Co-op

Portrait and Headshot for Greg Freeman, Board Treasurer for Modo the Car Coop-Edit

Raising rates is a simple yet touchy reality for every business. So when Modo the Car Co-op needed to make this announcement, they called on us for a portrait and headshot session to portray their Board Treasurer, Greg Freeman, as a dedicated co-op member and family man, sensitive to the rising cost of living. Conveying that the co-op is maintaining its values and responsibilities was of the utmost importance.

These are the shots that went out in the member email update, explaining the changes and actually streamlined the fees so they were easier to understand and calculate. The headshots will also be used in professional profiles such as LinkedIn.

How is your organization using visual communication to get out your message on-brand and ahead of the competition?

Portrait and Headshot for Greg Freeman, Board Treasurer for Modo the Car Coop

The Case Study Video Awards

Case Study Video

Case studies have always been key sales tools in providing potential clients with the due-diligence information they want to see. Before the rise of web video, these were usually long, dull documents with graphs and charts that could immunize any decision maker from the backlash of a failed project. Now that no one has the time or desire to slog through such papers, the case study video has risen to take it’s place with concentrated soundbites, motion graphics and beautiful footage.

The case study video has become such a primary tool in business that it is now part of our sales vernacular. As such, it has recently become the subject of this hilarious spoof by Canadian ad agency Rethink.


North Peace Savings and Credit Union | Testimonials

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 8.48.34 AM

Rebranding and Advertising Strategy

As part of the rebranding process and advertising strategy for the North Peace Savings and Credit Union, I traveled with Art Director Stu Ross all around Fort St. John collecting stories about credit union members and how a specific understanding of the local economy and community made NPSC their financial institution of choice. In addition to capturing these candid interviews, we also shot environmental portraits for print and web materials to support the video campaign.

We were warmly welcomed into people’s homes and business’ to hear story after story of how the credit union stepped in, took a chance and invested in the community. The major banks did not understand boom town economics and were not interested in the individual needs, hopes and dreams of folks living so far away from the financial centres of the country. I hope you enjoy their stories and consider banking with a credit union. I know I will.

North Peace Savings and Credit Union

Business Pitch Video | Dustin Anderson, The Purple Pirate



Dustin Anderson | The Purple Pirate

Positive Messages for Children

In crafting his latest iteration of the Purple Pirate, Dustin Anderson has drilled down into his own experiences to create an authentic, message-based performance. It directly addresses the cycle of bullying and creates a hero out of a fun-loving character, who escapes that cycle and provides a role-model for children. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound, Dustin has conjured an immersive environment that captivates children and gives them a safe environment to explore a powerful subject.

Selling to adults, speaking to children

For all the time Dustin spends on his performance and the rapport he quickly builds with children, they are ultimately not the target of his marketing efforts. After an in-depth exploration of Dustin’s business, we scripted this video to speak directly to his target markets – provincial arts councils, school administrators, teachers and parents. The final product became an important selling tool embedded in his business website.

Pitching a video to the right audience

Clarity about your target markets is key in crafting a pitch video like this. Who are they? What do they need to hear? These are questions we go after before we ever pick up a camera.

Reece Terris | Vancouver Design Week & Creative Mornings Teaser Video

Reece Terris | Vancouver Design Week & Creative Mornings Teaser Video

We recently interviewed Reece Terris for a special edition of Creative Mornings for Vancouver Design Week, where he will be giving a talk on how his education and creative process informs the final outcome of a project.

Reece was kind enough to invite us into his new studio space, which he was still setting up after just getting back from installing a piece of his work in Austria. When creating information driven pieces like this, I really enjoy injecting as much of the personality of my subject as possible. Shooting in personal spaces usually makes people feel more comfortable and so much more of their personality is there to capture in the details. For these reasons, I think this teaser really captures Reece’s laid-back, humorous & thoughtful nature and gives the audience a good sense of what they are in for this Friday.

This teaser video was created to cross-promote the talk across the Vancouver Design Week and Creative Mornings channels, ensuring the largest sold-out audience yet for CreativeMornings/Vancouver.

3 Reasons the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a success

als ice bucket challenge | Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly

Why is the Ice Bucket Challenge such a success?

While our social media feeds are reaching the saturation point with the ALS ice bucket challenge, the viral sensation is definitely worth looking at more closely from a strategic perspective.

As of August 29th, 2014, the ALS Association has exceeded $100 million in donations from people inspired to act on the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer. This is nearly twice what the ALSA typically receives in an entire year. More surprisingly, this wasn’t a campaign launched by the ALSA but rather started as a grassroots effort.

So what are the magical ingredients that have propelled this awareness/ donation drive through our filters and cynicism?

I recently helped my friend Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly, the looks and brains behind Epix Studios, put a bit of production value behind his own video challenge. Without altering the widely accepted format, we managed to inject a bit of Johnathon’s personality into the video. Watch the video below and see if you can catch what made this clip such a hit in his social networks.

Whittled down to the essentials, I also cut together an Instagram-friendly version as well.

There are a number of external reasons this campaign has met with such success – getting Hollywood names on board, multi-platform broadcasting, a good cause and the geometric multiplication of challenges – but the core principles that can be carried forward as lessons are:

1. Simplicity

The rules are easy and a funny video of you getting a bucket of ice water over your head takes less than a minute to create.

2. Inclusion

Everyone wants to be a part of something and contribute to a larger cause. There also aren’t many barriers to participation so no one feels left out. Even a girl who is high on pain medication can do it.

3. Time Sensitive

Laying down the gauntlet for friends to respond within 24 hours with their own video and/or make a donation has been key for the rapid spread of the challenge.

For these reasons, the Ice Bucket Challenge may continue to jam your social media feed for a while yet. If you haven’t been challenged yet, get ready.

Vendor Promotional Video | Digital Strategy Conference

Digital Strategy Conference Vendors

Why should your company be represented at the Digital Strategy Conference?

Attracting quality vendors to engage attendees was the second challenge we undertook for the Digital Strategy Conference. While offering relevant products and services, it was important to show how vendors can use the talks and shared vocabulary to communicate effectively. The #dStrategy Digital Maturity Model was a central touchpoint for everyone and immediately demonstrated the value of vendor services in moving organizations further along the spectrum.

Interviewing vendors and attendees alike, we showcased the win-win scenario facilitated by the conference. After a great talk on best practices or a demonstrative case study, vendors could walk attendees through the levels of implementation, discuss the resources required and what steps would best suit an organization.

Strategic Outcomes

Recognizing two distinct target markets – attendees and vendors – was key to determining the number of video marketing tools required and developing the line of questioning for each interview. Now the Digital Strategy Conference has targeted messaging to pass along social media channels and email marketing campaigns. What insights and marketing channels drive your video strategy?

Event Coverage | Another successful year with Flight Centre

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Each year we are invited back to cover the Flight Centre gala, it is a privilege and pleasure. The work hard/ play hard ethic of this company really comes together at this event as their top performers are recognized, rewarded & cheered on stage. This is easily the biggest party of the year for everyone, including me, and I really admire Flight Centre for the lengths they go to for their people.

This event reminds me each year to show my gratitude for the amazing professionals who have been part of my own projects. Work hard, play hard and remember to say thank you.

Here is a selection of images from this amazing event.

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014

Flight Centre Gala 2014


Moving Portraits feature volunteers at Creative Mornings Vancouver

Creative Mornings Vancouver Coordinator, Mark Busse

Featuring The Team

Looking for a creative alternative to the standard pic and bio, I came up with this series of moving portraits to feature some of our stellar team at CreativeMornings/Vancouver.

Originally conceptualized for Instagram, the fifteen second time limit made for a great creative restriction, reducing the audio of each portrait to communicate a single idea. The outcome was a multi-platform content roll-out, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter, giving our audience a more intimate sense of the people who make this unique, monthly speaker series happen.

This is raw and powerful branding – trusting your frontline people to speak openly and become a human face for the organization. How are you featuring the people in your organization? Give us a call to discuss what video options may serve as a better alternative to the same old headshot and bio formula.

Attendee Promotional Video for the Digital Strategy Conference

Digital Strategy Conference

Online Video Marketing

In order to cast a wider net and grow attendance, the Digital Strategy Conference called on us to create two conference summary videos. Bringing the conference to life and providing consumer confidence, this first video positions the conference attendees as problem solvers in organizational digital maturity, new opportunities, data analytics, and content strategy.

Growing Video Strategy

As an online promotional tool, the intention is to show testimonials about the practical solutions to real problems addressed throughout the conference as well as communicate the material beautifully and effectively to encourage word-of-mouth referrals, testimonials and social media sharing.

How are you meeting your strategic marketing goals? With the growing power and popularity of online video, we would be happy to help you meet them. Call us to discuss what video solutions are right for you.

Social Marketing: Emotional Contagion and Heavy Data

emotional contagion

Marketing based on emotion

The idea of marketing based on emotion is as old as propaganda itself – a Harley Davidson equals Freedom, Michelin Tires ensure your child’s safety and Clairol lets you wash that grey right out of your hair. But how do we tap into emotional, permission-based marketing through social sharing? More importantly, what kind of emotion are we pushing into the world?

Michelin Tires advertisement

Emotional Contagion

A new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has revealed statistics around emotional states transferred through social networks. By positively or negatively manipulating the Newsfeed product on Facebook, researchers were able to measure the emotional output of users and correlate it with how their Newsfeed had been modified. Aside from another example of Facebook’s questionable ethics, what can we learn from this?

Heavy Data

Comparing our brains to computers is a clunky, old parallel that only seems to work when creating computers more like us, which is great for getting what we want out of them. What computers cannot do is give emotional weight to information. An algorithm and database can determine whether we are happy or sad but the computer does not actually care. The job of every brand manager, online marketer and business owner, then, is to consistently curate the emotion of their brand and encourage the sharing of that emotion. Engagement is where the rubber meets the road. The new imperative goes beyond clear messaging and great brand experiences. There is a responsibility to care for the emotional well-being of your audience and communities.

A Great Example

This epic PSA by Evolve combines levity and the emotional punch of community, family, sex & humiliation. Then it invites us to consider the devastating effect of an unlocked gun thrown into the mix. The easy route may have been to simply hammer us with fear, anger, remorse and chilling statistics around gun deaths. Instead we are engaged intelligently and positively for a much more successful awareness campaign. As of this writing, four days after the video was uploaded to Youtube, this PSA has 2,273,377 views, 2 years of time watched, drove 133 subscriptions to the channel and shared 4,564 times.

Video content strategy on Instagram

instagram video strategy

Video content specifically for mobile needs to be incorporated into your strategy.

Millions watch videos from their smartphones and tablets, both on the couch and while shopping in stores. How many videos have you watched on a mobile device this week? A product explainer? UpWorthy click bait? Or an Instagram video like this:

Video content is device specific.

Keeping in mind the size of the device, users are looking for bursts of experience, information or a fast purchase. Video created to answer those needs drive engagement and sales. Short and valuable are the primary concerns here; whether telling a story or educating about a service.

According to Simply Measured, 59% of the world’s top brands are active on Instagram. It is cost-effective, easy to use and is a great way to get creative content in front your audience when tagged properly. Instagrammers are using hashtags in video sharing to promote favorites, contests, and to make posts more searchable with keywords. Because of that, brands can formulate a more specific setting for their fans to share photos, giving themselves the upper hand with a ton of user generated content.

Instagram Video Strategy Tips

Instagram is a social platform, with emphasis on the social. So use it to draw back the curtain and let users feel like they are connecting to a person; interact with them, show them behind-the-scenes, introduce your team, be personable and use hashtags so they can find you and your content!


Event Video Budget

How much does a video cost?

This is an open-ended question, which requires the consideration of A LOT of factors. Many of those considerations are things of which most clients are not really aware. So rather than barrage you with lists of variables, I will break down the considerations  of our most recent side project.

We were brought on by Modo The Car Coop to set up a photo booth at the Modo 8k Run Off, a charity fundraiser for the Take A Hike Foundation. As a side project, we produced the following, short event summary video.

The production value of this video is a mix of grab shots on a simple camera and snappy editing in post production. There was no script or storyboarding, no motion graphics, no lighting, no colour adjustments, minimal audio adjustments & minimal gear. So the considerations for cost are: a junior camera operator at the event, some hours with a junior editor for post production and a quick turn-around time so the content does not become stale.

Video Strategy

The result is an authentic perspective on the event with enough production value to easily out-pace user-generated content. This video can then be strategically leveraged by Modo in many ways: first as immediately sharable content for participants, the running community and Modo members, then as promotional material for next year’s event. As part of the company’s history, this video will live on as a testament to Modo’s commitment to community engagement.

So when considering the cost of your next video, rather than first worrying about cost, first consider the strategic outcomes you would like to see, what is your call-to-action and how the video can be leveraged.