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Body Painting project for Blanche MacDonald | MUA - Becca Deon
Runway models make for great birds in creative projects. This is a body painting project for MUA Becca Deon at Blanche MacDonald, the makeup Mecca of the west coast. I am particularly impressed with the attention to detail here in the stencil work across her stomach, the hard lines to delineate her body and the colour blending...
Portrait of Lorne Mayencourt | Former MLA Vancouver-Burrard
The was an option for my cover shoot with former MLA Lorne Mayencourt for Yaletown Magazine. Shooting in this relatively clean alley was serendipitious since I learned during the shoot that Lorne was spearheading a law to put locks on all city dumpsters to curb the mess created by careless dumpster divers.
Portrait Of Friends
One evening I noticed this amazing stretch of clouds moving in and knew the sunset was going to be just amazing so I called my friend/model to do a few test shots. While shooting in the park some more friends happened by and I corralled them into the shot too. I know that jumping shots...
Portrait of kid in hair salon
Why do kids and haircuts always seem to be at odds? I snagged this shot while visiting a local salon.
Portrait of DJ Leanne
Although she has shut down her DJ school, the Rhythm Institute, the notorious DJ Leanne continues her passion for mixing and teaching with the Tom Lee Music Academy, showing students the ropes in vinyl & CD mixing across a range of genres. Here she is posing for the ‘Coffee Crazy’ editorial in the WestEnder.
Blanche Macdonald Centre, Vancouver, BC
A test shoot for the Blanche Macdonald Centre.
Bonnie Kilroe | Celebrity Impersonator
Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Bonnie Kilroe perform a hilarious and farcical impersonation of Sarah Palin on the Kitty Nights stage. This shot of her riding an audience member while shooting confetti from a pop gun in her underwear sums up her act nicely and is my favourite of the evening. Bonnie...
Portrait of bartender at George Lounge
It was the end of the day and George Lounge was already filling up with Yaletown suits and skirts when I arrived to shoot this piece. The manager literally gave me two minutes to shoot with this bartender as he mixed a drink of my choice. He was pretty good about it, pouring and preparing...
WestEnder Cover Shoot
This was the second choice for the WestEnder cover I shot for their feature on fashion designer Carlie Wong. Fashion Editor Steven Schelling hired me for this job and was in the studio to art direct. I love how the studio in the background was also completely white so as not to compete with the...
Marie Noelle of Secret Story 3
Marie Noelle survived the tsunami in Thailand. She told me about how she was travelling on a bus when the wave hit and killed everyone aboard. Somehow she managed to escape, was swept away and washed up kilometers away. This was her secret story as a participant in France’s third season of the reality program...
Vancouver Real Estate Agent Portrait
It was a cool and cloudy day, perfect for outdoor portraits. A 42″ reflector just off camera gave a lovely catch light and filled the shadows nicely. A shallow depth of field also allowed me to shoot against some unlikely backgrounds and walls.
Enerchanges - high end health care
I got this image while shooting an editorial on Enerchanges, a high-end health facility that offers complete care systems – from check ups & physical training to hormone treatment and facial rejuvenation. Every tool possible is available in the battle against aging.
Fashion Party Poster
This event poster was for one of my favourite clients – Hot Box Accessories. The owner would look at the images I was getting and say things like, “Can we make it a little more sexy/dirty?” or “More bum is better”. Oh, how I miss that store.
event photography
There is just something about an honest smile in a crowd that draws my camera lens. Moving around to frame the shot while not drawing attention to myself is always a tricky maneuver. I don’t mind getting busted for sneaking in for a shot, just so long as it is after I have hit the...
Vancouver View cover
An older cover I shot for Vancouver View Magazine.
Fashion makeup
Makeup Test Shoot Left – MUA: Daphne Chen Right – MUA: Sarah Vey
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