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video content strategy
Creating a clear goal for your video strategy comes before asking what kind of video you should make. What strategic outcomes would you like see? Do you want to attract the best and brightest to work for you? Are you educating people about your product? Promote a product? Do you want to engage your community?...
Carson Ting munny
Although he doesn’t consider himself a rebel, Carson Ting has successfully struck out on his own to create an experimental visual workshop with clients around the world. He credits his current position and demand to his many side projects, which guided him back to his strengths and passions, rather than the structures and demands of...
Jeffrey Armstrong | Corporate Speaker
Referred to as the Western Master of Eastern Philosophy, Jeffrey Armstrong is a corporate speaker with a message for companies interested in building a culture with a social and environmental conscience. We produced this video just as Jeffrey was about to fly to India to speak as a guru to an audience of 35,000, so...
Egg-Snogger 2013
Inviting friends, family, colleagues and clients in celebration of another fantastic year, we threw another Egg-Snogger event this year! With boozy eggnog and tasty snacks we provided a Santa Hat portrait photo booth for the naughty and nice alike. A tickle trunk full of antlers, hats & other holiday bits and bobs was provided for all...
Holiday video card
In the spirit of creating experiences and memories, rather than adding to the landfills, we created this holiday greetings video card. We hope you enjoy and pass it on to your own friends and family. Happy Holidays! Animated by Marina leClair Edited by Trevor Jansen
Stéphane Mouttet speaks at Interesting Vancouver 2013
  Last week saw another sold out edition of Interesting Vancouver at the Museum of Vancouver. This is my third year of involvement with this great event, bringing together a multi-disciplinary audience and range of speakers to talk about all things interesting. If you came with an open mind, odds are you left with fresh...
Stu Ross in Fort St. John, BC
Last week I worked on a corporate video with Stu Ross up in Fort St. John, BC. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots I managed during our 2.5 day running gun battle.
Pacific Coastal Airlines social video 2013
As the leisure brand for Pacific Coastal Airlines unfolds, we were asked to create a short, integrated print, web and social media campaign to promote the end-of-summer seat sale, which featured 4 seats for the price of 3 on the same flight, same day. The challenge was to draw out the benefits of this deal...
Devil May Wear | Fall Fashion 2013
Since we are officially into the fall weather, I figured it was time I posted these fashion images I shot for the Devil May Wear Fall Fashion line. This shoot took place on a blustery day so all of our original location scouting had to be thrown out the window for fear of everyone and...
Sandy Huang | Business & Marketing Consultant
What is the difference between strategy and tactics? This basic question started a great conversation with Sandy, which we scripted into this video. Concisely and conversationally, Sandy introduces her philosophy on high level goals and concrete steps implementing a strategy.
fashion shoot for BB Revised
BB Revised has moved from a WordPress blog to a full e-commerce site! All summer I have watched it evolve into its current form and am impressed with how Tamara LeClair has brought her vision to life. To celebrate, here are some behind-the-scenes shots from her last collection shoot, which I helped produce.
Somatic HVAC brand launch party
After two and a half years of rapid growth, this HVAC company found that it had already outgrown its generic brand. In order to expand further with confidence and project their company culture, they came to Living Blueprint for renaming and rebranding. Working with the company from top to bottom, we evaluated their business model,...
Reza Saffari | General Manager for Enerex Botanicals
Reza is the man at the helm of Enerex Botanicals, a quality and community oriented nutritional supplements company based here in BC. This year Reza has placed new emphasis on community engagement and the promotion of a full and healthy lifestyle – sponsoring sporting events and farmer’s markets as well as providing nutrition tips and...
Haney Neptunes swim meet 2013
With over 400 swimmers participating in the Haney Neptunes Enerex Invitational Swim Meet, the real challenge this day was negotiating the throngs of children around the pool and keeping our camera gear dry. My legs and feet got soaked but thankfully no cameras were harmed in the production of this video. One camera that did really...
Mark Brand behind Save On Meats
  Walking through the back of Save On Meats and hanging out in the alley with one of his chefs, it struck me how Mark Brand has a genuine rapport with, and knows the names of, his people. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who owns as many businesses as he does. And when he isn’t...
  Our mission was to capture fun in the sun for the 21st Annual Memorial Golf Tournament, hosted by Pacific Coastal Airlines! Last year it raised a record $35,245 for the Source Club of Powell River, an organization that provides educational and life skills programs to persons with mental illness. This year Pacific Coastal added the NEC Native Education College as...
Gilbert Ghezesan | President of Somatic HVAC Solutions
  Last week saw the brand launch event for Somatic HVAC Solutions! I don’t want to spill the beans before the case-study video but here is the company President, Gilbert Ghezesan.
IRIDIA MEDICAL brand launch
The brand launch of Iridia Medical was a real milestone for the company. In this case study we hear from president Vern Biccum and founder Alan Holmes on the value gained through an intensive and introspective process to rebrand as a world-class company.
 Taking “ideas worth spreading” into the brand of Vancouver’s newest TEDx event. WHAT The roll out for TEDxStanleyPark needed a team lead to collaborate with the branding and social media teams and take ownership of the visuals – still and motion images. The organizing and strategy teams were small and independent and the creative latitude I was...
Portrait of Natacha Beim for Creative Mornings
I’ve never seen a renowned education expert do a little dance and shout ‘whoo!’ on stage, imitating a wild child, but Natacha Biem‘s experience with kids as an early development educator totally sold it. Her talk last week at Creative Mornings wasn’t just funny but pointed with optimism towards a better way to motivate and educate our children to...
Dynamix Agitators
In creating compelling images for engineers on-site, the balance between aesthetics, capturing scope and straight up documentation can be fun and challenging. Here is the final stage of assembly for three giant mixers that will agitate anything from asphalt to cosmetics in three-story tall containers.
Miles End Motors Party
There is something about a media wall at a party that makes everyone a rock star. Here a fun moment with Miles End Motors Director, David Bentil, with one of his hard working associates. Below is just one of the hot wheels on display just outside the event.
B.B revised vintage video lookbook | Spring 2013
This video lookbook for B.B revised vintage clothing comes just in time for the line’s debut at the Beggars Banquet this Friday. There is a lot more lined up for this fresh fashion line and I look forward to their next project.
Sterling Cooper and Associates, Vancouver
There is always a certain satisfaction when I get to see how my work fits into the completed whole of a project. The Sterling Cooper website has gone live and I am really pleased with their final image choices. The challenge was to capture the human element of an industry that is typically represented by...
Bob Lindsay, owner of Lift Bar & Grill
A personal endorsement video from Bob Lindsay, owner of Lift Bar & Grill
photo student photographing model
Lately I’ve been doing a lot of mentoring, which has forced me to examine and step outside of my process. If you think you know something, try explaining it to someone else. They will question it or take it and do something completely unexpected. It’s good to have answers but not necessarily all of them...
David Paetkau | Flashpoint Finale
After five seasons of procedural drama and SWAT team action, the series finale of Flashpoint aired last week. I was fortunate to meet and photograph actor David Paetkau before he took off to Toronto to start filming the series.
Mayor Gregor Robertson shares a laugh with Creative Mornings Vancouver
The WestEnder wrote a nice piece with this photo on Mayor Gregor Robertson’s talk at Creative Mornings Vancouver.
George Steeves, president of Sterling Cooper, Vancouver
This is my favorite portrait from a day of shooting with the architectural engineers at Sterling Cooper. George is an accomplished visionary in his field and a great character. I like to think of this portrait as his ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ moment.
Jeff Chiba Sterns Animator interview
While working with Jeff on the UBC Thrive animation project, I sat down with him for a quick interview to pick his brain about his approach and process. In addition to being a busy animator, Jeff travels and gives talks on his work and industry. Just before collaborating with us, he was in Japan speaking...
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